[Why the filament can not discharge smoothly?]


1. Please check if the filament is correctly loaded to the end of the nozzle.


2. Please check whether the filament is broken in the feed tube.


3. Please clean the nozzle to ensure that the nozzle is not clogged.


4. If the problem is still not resolved, please contact our after-sales service center through your purchase platform.



[Cracks on the surface when printing with ABS. Why and how to deal with it?]

ABS is a material with strong shrinkage force.

The cracks on the surface of the object may be caused by shrinkage during the printing process.

Especially when printing in low temperature conditions in winter.



You can improve the printing model by the following two points:


1. Increase the temperature of the hot bed

You can reduce the occurrence of cracks by increasing the temperature of the hot bed.

If the crack is severe, it is recommended to set the hot bed temperature to 100°C.

However, you need to note that in this case, printing time and machine power consumption may increase. It is therefore recommended to use this method only when necessary.

You can adjust the temperature by selecting the material through TEMP>BED>MATERIAL.


2. Wait for printing to complete

After the ABS consumables are printed, if the printed object is quickly removed from the printer, the model may be broken due to sudden temperature changes.

It is recommended that you take out the printed object after the printing is completed, wait for a while, so that the ABS printed parts can gradually cool down and facilitate the complete mold-taking.

[Why can't my printer recognize the G-code file in the USB flash drive?]

If your U disk is in NTFS format, please format your U disk in FAT32 format.

[ What is the manual leveling method?]

Please click [Home]-[Support]-[3D Printer Videol] to see the detailed instructional video.

[How to improve the warping of 3D printing models?]


Generally speaking, curling is often closely related to cooling. Among them, ABS consumables are more prone to warping than PLA consumables.


Improvement measures for curling:

1. Make sure to use the machine at a suitable temperature (16℃-29℃)
This is because low temperature may cause curling during printing.


2. For models with a large bottom area, it is recommended to use PLA filament for printing.
This is because ABS is more prone to shrinkage.


3. Please print the model in the middle of the magnetic platform.
This is because the temperature of the four corners of the magnetic platform may be lower than the temperature of the center, and it is more susceptible to external temperature, resulting in edge warping.


4. Perform manual leveling steps.
Please click [Home]-[Support]-[3D Printer Video Tutorial] to see the detailed instructional video.


5. Use pause commands as little as possible
During the pause, the temperature may drop, which can cause edge warping.


[What file format does this 3D printer support]

Iron-M1 3D printer supports Obj and stl format files.


[What is Iron-M1?]


Iron-M1 is a DIY entry-level FDM 3D printer. 


It has a small external size and a large priting molding size.


The 95% pre-assembled modular design allows you to complete its installation steps within 10 minutes and start using it. You can use a variety of filament to realize your imagination.